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About Us

hilarious. cute. unique. personal. affordable. silly. special. memorable. impressive. custom.  


In the grand scheme of things, we are small. Relative to the vastness of this universe, some may even classify us as insignificant. However, the smallest things carry the most meaning.


Capturing the essence of a message in a personalized way to fit the likability of an individual through each step of the process possesses a unique beauty.


Each pendant is handmade with precision instruments and perfected with detail. These pendants serve as a symbol of love, care, and support.


We want you to wear it with pride and share it with purpose. 


Artist: Drushya Musham

     -- Drushya is a junior at Indiana University: Kelley School of Business, who is a triple major in International Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship.

     -- She specializes in micro art and other mediums such as ceramics, acrylic, and watercolor painting. She founded NiCE: Name on Rice in 2019. Her goal is to grow this project into a meaningful impact that everyone can find a little smile in. 

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