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~ Abarna Ketheswaran

"First off, writing someone’s name on a grain of rice is no joke. The detail and precision is everything. The name is so clearly written and I love how it makes it more personalized! I highly recommend making a purchase from Drushya, it’s a unique piece of jewelry to add to your collection!"

~ Medhani Kalal

"This necklace was so modern, cute, and colorful! I was very pleased with the quality, the look, the delicacy as well as the message. It is great to wear as a natural daily look or on a fancy outfit. I absolutely love it!"

~ Pandya

"Amazing necklaces! Ordered more for my friends and everyone loves them. I wear them to every function I go to."

~ Lavannya Deolalikar

"Writing a long name like mine (8 letters!!!) on a TINY grain of rice takes a lot of talent, patience, and attention to detail and Drushya has it all. The necklace she made for me was absolutely gorgeous and totally goes with my everyday style. The delicate chain and light sparkles will catch anyone's eye. I personally prefer to wrap the chain around my wrist and wear it as a bracelet since I already have a necklace that I wear, but this is just another added bonus of this item: it can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. My necklace has lasted almost a whole year without any sort of damage or leakage, and I'm pretty sure it will last for a lot more time. I highly recommend getting one!"

~ Xansa Patri

"The necklaces were crafted with so much affection and passion. The level of personalization that is offered is unmatched. These necklaces are the next trend of the modern fashion industry; get one now or you'll be the lamest kid in town."
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